We provide bespoke PBN links and PBN services.

  • Custom nameservers with a mix of Cloudflare and DNS hosting
  • Unique IPs
  • Fully footprint-free
  • Using Premium Themes
  • Sites look and feel like MONEY SITES
  • Completely Customized
  • Contact/Privacy/TOS pages where applicable
  • Plugins and customizations applied.
  • Sites optimized for load speed where possible
  • Average Ahrefs DR of 36
  • Average number of keywords that each site ranks for: 2500 keywords
  • Constant flow of new content on the sites
  • Superior ratio of links to content 1:20 to 1:100 posts has a link
  • Again these sites look and feel super fawesome! Premium themes fully customized and all the bells and whistles!

Domains are brandable, not just some random cookie cutter domains for seo purposes.

Content is relevant to the site. There are tens or hundreds and some even thousands of posts on each site. So they look completely natural.

Daily new posts are published on the sites, without any links. So they look super natural not like the other link farm pbns out there. With us, you perhaps have 1 post with a link versus 20 to a 100 without a link for every client link. That is just an awesome ratio!

We love happy clients, hence we offer solid support via PM. Turnaround times are always smooth and on the spot.


We are committed to a solid work process, learn below how we figure things out and perform orders.

We discuss and take your order

We look at your order details and comments and then proceed.

Straightforward content creation as per advertisement and order options paid for.

We will deliver as advertised

We provide you solid links. We ensure indexing. We will optionally tier them too.

Happy Serps : )

A happy client is what we want, repeat orders is what we love : )

PM is the way to get support